​Issue # 113                                                                                 January, February, March 2019



MEMORIAL- Letter received by BACC written by Teri Little


As a kid growing up, my family vacationed across the country by camping.  I have volumes of memories traveling with my grandparents to various states and became quite skilled at setting up camp.  When I had children of my own, we did not camp, but did continue to vacation via car across the US.  All those hours in the car encouraged my mom, my girls and I to come up with some pretty creative ways to entertain ourselves. Variations of the license plate game, I spy, coloring, etc. were enjoyed while riding in the back seat of  our cars over the years.  One of the games we played was “ What would you do if you had all the money in the world?”

We went around the car and everyone got to say one thing they would do and we usually went around 5 or more times.  My mom always took care of family first, but in her top 5 was always the Brandon Community.

My mom enjoyed living in Brandon. She valued and appreciated her neighbors and friends in the community.  I know she would be pleased to know that her memorial funds are going to the place she lived for the majority of her life and where so many people live that she held so dear.


Please accept the enclosed checks in the amount of……as a donation in memory of Carol Little to be used for the concession stand. I enjoyed a number of years playing ball at that park and recall my mom running the concession stand at one point.  I know she would be proud to know this money was going to something the residents of Brandon will enjoy for many years and holds such fond memories for us.


Best Regards, Teri J. Little (Carol’s daughter)


Editor’s note: Thank you Teri for your letter and the enclosed donation in remembrance of your mom.  Carol was always a cheerful, positive person.  We humbly accept this with a thankful heart. 

The Brandon Area Community club has received so many wonderful memorial donations in memory of various Brandonites.   We sincerely appreciate ALL of you thinking of the Brandon Community Club.   Each donation is logged and will be recognized in some way when the concession stand is completed. (Perhaps similar to the playground donor signage)





The new concession stand project is coming along nicely.  The bathroom plumbing is the latest project the guys are working on.  We have plumbing and electrical to finish. The support we have had is phenomenal and it is a very nice addition to the park, however we are still short of our monetary goal to complete the project.

If you would like to help in the efforts monetary donations may be sent to: Brandon Area Community Club, P.O. Box 163, Brandon, IA 52210.   Please make a note in the memo line: Concession stand fund.




Early in December members of the Lime Creek Fish and Game Club met to assemble

and deliver bags of groceries to the elderly living alone in Brandon.  At this time we

also donated three boxes of groceries to the Brandon Food Pantry.  The Lime Creek

Fish and Game Club donated a check for $100 to the Independence Food Pantry.
At a recent meeting we decided to again support the Buchanan County Area Conservation

and Natural Resources Scholarship.  We will donate $500 toward this scholarship.  These

projects are funded with the proceeds from our annual fish fry.





The Lime Creek Fish and Game Club will hold their 52nd Annual Fish Fry at the Brandon Area

Community Center on Saturday March 30, 2019.   We will be serving from 4:00 p.m. until

7:30 p.m.  Proceeds from the Fish Fry will be used toward conservation and community

projects.  Everyone is welcome and your continued support of this event is appreciated



Alisha and Joe Burmeister welcome their second son, Dale Raleigh.  Dale was born on April 19, 2019. He weighed 7 pounds 9 ounces and was 20 inches long.  He joins big brother, Henry. Grandparents are Raleigh and Sherri Truax and Gary and Dana Burmeister.  Congratulations.



In conjunction with the Brandon Christmas Festival on December 7th, the society served a soup supper at the United Methodist Church in the fellowship hall. Chili, Potato soup and sandwiches were served to about 100 people.  The Historical Society would like to extend thank you to the church for the use of their facility.  They would also like to thank everyone who attended and supported the annual fundraiser.


Kid’s Shopping Day was held on December 8th at the Jefferson Township Hall from 10:30 am- 1:00 pm.  Thanks to the all the children that came to shop.  A special thank you goes out to several of the youth and adults that assisted the children in shopping and wrapping their purchases.


The Historical Society continues the construction project on the bank building as time allows.



The Brandon Area Food Pantry would like to thank everyone for the donations to our food pantry.

Special thanks to the Craig and Judy Albert family and Lime Creek Fish and Game Club for the donations this past month.


The Food Pantry is located at the Brandon Kwik Stop.  If you need assistance, please contact Cindy at the Kwik Stop during normal business hours or you may make an appointment with Cindy Clark or Barb Boyer. Please drop off your donations at the Kwik Stop.








Our local quilting group, Connie’s Quilters, recently provided a Christmas themed quilt for Brandon’s 26th Annual Christmas festival auction.  The quilt was sold to the highest bidder for $125 and the proceeds were donated to the Concession Stand Fund.  To date they have recorded giving 287 lap robes, quilts etc. to various organizations and individuals.  Thank you all that have donated fabric, thread, batting to the group.  We meet the Monday afternoons at Connie Landgrebe’s home ( the old Brandon Home-style Café).  We welcome sewers of all abilities.



Bags (Corn hole) Tournaments/BINGO

The Brandon Area Community Club is sponsoring beanbag tournaments on a monthly basis at the Brandon Area Community Center.  The event is purely for fun and entertainment, so feel free to join in and show off your tossing talents.  There will be an end of the season prize for the person with the most wins. The cost is $5 per person with a drawing for partners.  

Dates for the upcoming tourneys: All dates start at 4:30 pm

Sunday, January 20th-  SPECIAL EVENT-  Kids 12 and over are invited to attend with their parents.

Sunday, February 10th

Sunday, March 10th

Sunday, April 14th

Ages 18 & over are welcome to attend. Please bring your own refreshments and a snack to share.




Spring is just around the corner and that means warmer weather and ball season starts!

BACC will hold sign-up for ALL players interested in playing Baseball or Softball on Sunday, March10, 2019 at the Brandon Area Community Center. Registration is from 1-3 pm.

The cost of registration is $20 per player. Players must buy their own uniforms.  If you absolutely cannot attend, please contact your coach from last year and make arrangements to fill out paperwork.


Parents are also required to work one day in the concession stand at a home game to help defray the cost of playing ball. If anyone in the community is willing to help out at the concession stand contact Amanda (319-350-3485) or umpiring, please contact one of the coaches.


2018 Christmas Festival

The 26th Annual Brandon Christmas Festival was held Friday, December 7th and Saturday, December 8th.


Thank you to local musician, Katie Stahlhiem and her daughter, Larry and Janice Kaberle for their performance during the Christmas Festival. We had a small audience this year and were wondering if we change the time to 6 or 6:30 pm if more people would be able to attend? We also thank the Union Singers for performing at the Community Center. 


Special thanks to Bear Creek Church for having an “open house” on December 15th.   Thank you to the Church of Christ and the Brandon United Methodist Church for your hospitality and entertainment you provided for the event.  We appreciate your continued support of the festival.


Thank you to each person that chose a child’s name from the Community Giving tree.  Four families had a brighter Christmas morning because of your generosity.






The winners of the Tree Decorating contests were:


First: Memphis Peyton- “Hunting ” Tree

Second: BASH- “Happy Birthday Jesus” Tree

Third: Denise Lehman – “Nativity Snowflake” Tree

Small Tree winners:

1st place (tie) Sherri Kavalier and Tami Acuff

2nd place- Theresa Stacy

3rd place- Melinda Hunter


The winners of the House Lighting Contest were:


First: Ty and Susie Albert

Second:  Bob and LaVonn Bearbower

Third:  Rod and Cindy Clark


First: Cayden Nielsen  


Gingerbread House and Creations Contest Winners


0-6 yr olds                                                                                                  18 & over

1st- Oakley Zieser- Graham cracker house                                              1st Sherri Kavalier- S’mores camp

2nd- Piper Nabholz                                                                                       2nd Carol Zieser- Red Barn

3rd- Henry Burmeister                                                                                  3rd Hilary Peyton- Rainbow house


7-11 yr olds                                                              

1st – Lehman grandkids- Nativity

2nd- Aiden Stacy

3rd- Ashlyn Sauser


12-17 yr olds                                                                                                            

1st – (TIE)  Ashley Thomas – Trailer park and Seth Stacy – House with fence

2nd –Karsyn Nichol


THANK YOU to everyone that participated in the gingerbread contest and workshop!! We had 37 participants in the workshop on December 2nd and most of the participants entered their creations into the contest.   It was an overwhelming response and we plan to do it next year also.


The following donated a gift basket, wreath, miniature tree or other item for silent auction:


Connie’s Quilters, Denise Lehman, Joyce Anderson, Melinda Hunter, Jill Marie Photography (Jill Louvar),Jennifer Thomas, Prairie Acre Pumpkins (Jackie Hoffman) Creating the New U (Jamee Erger), the late Ruby Bearbower, Patrick Lehman, Becca Ries, Louise Brown, Guy Stacy, Sherri Kavalier,  Cuts by Us (Tally Aldrich and Chris Palmer), Horak Farms (Lu Horak),Theresa Stacy,

In the Country- Garden and Gifts, Erger Latham Seed (Andy Erger), Long Family Shorthorns, Judy Albert, Jackie Aberle, Hilary Peyton, Eloise Baldwin, Ed and Wanda McFarland, Cindy Hedeman

(Revital U), Amanda Miller, Thomas Repair, Jen Horak, Michelle Thoma, YOUnique Creations (Ashley DeSloover), Phyllis Clark, Phat’s Pub and Grub, BACC, Tami Acuff, Anne Marie Brunko, Rachel Webster, Ami Otis, Karla Nielsen, Pat Stacy, Denton Castings, Staci Greenwood, Jill Lehman, Brandon Kwik Stop, Marlene Brown.


Thank you for donating the wreaths and gift baskets.  The money raised went to the new concession stand fund. Thank you to the generous bidders!  We raised nearly $2400.00


The following donated prizes for the raffle drawing:

Shirley Wiley, Joyce Anderson, Denise Lehman, Phyllis Clark, Prairie Acres Pumpkins, Marlene Brown, Horak Farms (Jen Horak) LaVon Bearbower, the late Ruby Bearbower, Louise Brown, Karla Nielson, Paul Rogers. Thank you to all contributors and to those that purchased tickets.





 The Brandon Area Community Club is holding a fundraiser event for the new concession stand.


Saturday, February 16, 2019 at the Brandon Area Community Center.

Guys in Ties- Comedy/Improv group will perform at 7:30 pm

Event for 18 and over


Tickets are $15 each. If you purchase a table of 8, we will reserve a table for your party on a first come, first serve basis.  The sooner you purchase your table the closer you will be to the stage.


To purchase/reserve your tickets, please contact Theresa Stacy 319-721-9675, Kelly Thomas 319-361-0031, Denise Lehman 319-404-8472.



The Brandon Area Community Club has its own website.  Please visit

and check out upcoming events and important information pertaining to our community.




The BACC held their annual Halloween Party on Sunday, October 28, 2018 from 1-3 pm.

80 children age 0- 6th grade attended.  Thank you to the following businesses and individuals for the donations to the door prizes and cost of the party. The BACC could not have such a successful event without your assistance. Each child in attendance received at least one door prize!


Donors include: Cuts by Us, Bev & Gary Bearbower, Wyatt and Amanda Miller, Smokey Hilltop Ranch (Doug Lehman Family), Thomas repair, Prairie Acres Pumpkins, Denton Castings, BACC,  Greg Acuff Logging, RL Flekvieh (Randy and Jen Lehman), Horak Farms (Matt, Jen and Lu Horak) SNT Fireworks (Scott Anderson and Tyler Albert), Sweet Pickins (Susie Albert), Karol Smith, Denny and Melinda Hunter, Denise and Jack Wolf, Theresa Stacy, Hilary Peyton and Carol Noe.


Costume Contest winners:

Ages 0-11 mos                                                         Kindergarten

First –Rosey Erger                                                   First – Quinn Lehman

Second- Paisley Lehman                                      Second –Alyvia Soukup

Third-Dale Burmeister                                                         Third- Weston Kellogg                   



Costume Contest winners


Age1                                                                           First Grade                                                               

First – Zachary Petterson                                       First – Aiden Stacy

Second-Henry Burmeister                                     Second- Evelyn Priebe

Third- Delaine Holt                                                  Third- Memphis Peyton


Age 2                                                                          Second Grade

First – Gabriel Pladson                                                       First – Madelyn Brown       

Second- Brinley Brunko                                                     Second- Hannah Kellogg 

Third-  Allena Priebe                                                            Third – Ava Helle                                                                            

Age 3                                                                          Third   Grade

First – Milee Erger                                                    First – Cecelia Priebe

Second- Cayson Cook                                                       Second- Myra Peyton

Third- Addison Brown                                                         Third-Gabriel Halligan


Age 4                                                                          Fourth Grade

First- Gideon Pladson                                                         First – Craig Frese

Second- Breckin Selken                                        Second- Alyson Norton

Third- Kamden Long                                                           Third- Aiden Hammer


Age 5 Not in Kindergarten                                     Sixth Grade (none)

First – Holden Hoffman                                                      First-

Second-                                                                     Second-


Adults and Kids 7th grade and over

                                                                                    First- Erin Soukup

Fifth Grade                                                                Second – Karsyn Nichol

First- Liberty Brown                                                 Third- Hilary Peyton

Second- Clair Priebe

Third – Devin Selken


Group Costumes

First-  Dale Priebe Family   Second- Petersen Family      Third- Selken Family


Thank you for our costume contest judges: Sharon Koopman, Sherri Kavalier, LaVon Westcott, Lu Horak and Haley Schumann. 




Several area rural residents held  “Trunk or Treat” on Halloween night at the Brandon Area Community Center.   We had very positive feedback and would like to expand on this event in 2019.

Watch future issues of the Brandon Bee II for information on this year’s event.



Mark your calendars now. The next Cowboy breakfast will be Sunday, September 15, 2019 at the

Brandon Area Community Center.




Brandon Area Community Club meetings will be held on the THIRD Monday of each Month at 7 pm at the Brandon Area Community Center.  BACC welcomes all adults to join our community club.



Easter Egg Hunt

BACC will hold its annual Easter Egg Hunt on Good Friday, April 19, 2019 at 10 a.m. sharp.

Weather permitting it will be held at the Brandon City Park. Ages 0-12 years old.  Easter Bunny will be appearing.


Brandon Days- Aug 2, 3, and 4, 2019

Believe it or not we have started to think ahead to the next Brandon Days in August.

We are looking for ideas for the 2019 Theme.  If you have a great idea- please contact us on our BACC face book page or call Denise 319-404-8472 or Theresa 319-721-9675.  Watch for details in future issues of Brandon Bee.





306 East Street

319-474-2159 or 319-929-5604

Worship at 10:00 am. Handicap accessible.


We would like to thank all of you that came out and supported us both nights during the Brandon Christmas Festival.  It was a spectacular night of singing.  Thank you to the

choir for all your hard work. .



507 Main Street


319-474-2669 Church office

Sunday School is at 9:00 am (Adult classes 8:45 am)  Fellowship time is 9:45- 10:00 am. Worship service begins at 10:00 am. Handicap accessible.


Pastor’s contact information:
Rev. Annette K. Ruhs Kruse

412 Prairie Hill Drive

Atkins, Iowa 52206

712-249-6652 cell or



Christmas Baskets

The Brandon United Methodist Women delivered 37 baskets of fruit and goodies to 52 area senior citizens. 


Family Mystery Supper

The Brandon United Methodist Women’s group would like to invite everyone to our Mystery supper on Wednesday, March 20, 2019 at 6:30 pm.  This is a free event for you and your family.  Please call Denise 474-2387 or Phyllis 474-2317 to make your reservation.



Pancake Breakfast and Bake sale

The annual Easter Pancake Breakfast and Bake sale will be held at the Brandon Methodist Church on Saturday April 20, 2019 .  Serving Pancakes, Ham, Orange Juice and Coffee from 7- 10:30 am.

Cost is a Freewill donation for the breakfast. 



Mary circle and friends went Christmas caroling in Vinton on Wednesday evening, December 12, 2018.  They sang at the Hospital Annex, Windsor Manor and the Lutheran Home Care centers.  The blessing of Christmas music was well received by all. The group of 12 ended the evening with a meal at the Lotus Chinese Restaurant in Vinton.



Brandon’s After School Hour was held at the United Methodist Church on December 5th. In November they made ornaments for a tree at the Brandon Christmas Festival Tree Decorating contest.  They were pleased to be award second place in the contest.  Thank you for your votes. A reminder: BASH DOES NOT MEET IN JANUARY, but will meet the first Wednesday of each month. Dates for 2019: February 6th, March 6th, from 4:15- 5:30 pm.  April 3rd will be the last BASH of the school year, it will be held at regular time with parents and grandparents invited to join the children for a program at 5:30 pm. All children ages Kindergarten through 5th grade are welcome to attend.



The Brandon Methodist Youth Group was busy in December. They rang the bell two hours for the Salvation Army on December 2, hosted a soup/sandwich supper on December 8, and then participated in a Christmas program during church on December 16. The group especially wants to thank all of those who were able to attend the soup/sandwich supper. Your support is always appreciated! Students will be meeting again in January to plan and gear up for more activities. Keep a watch out for more information to come on a special fundraiser to be held before spring. If there are any local students in middle school or high school interested in becoming a member, please contact Rachel at 319-551-4794 or Dawnye at 319-334-0163.


As always, all students in grades 6-12 are welcome to come!  Call Rachel at 319-551-4794 or Dawnye at 319-334-0163 for more information.



The Brandon United Methodist Church will be hosting the annual Community Supper on Saturday, March 9th at the church.  Everyone in the community is invited to join us at the FREE meal which will be provided by the church. Dinner will be served at 6:30 pm.  Musical entertainment will start at 7:30 pm.  There will be a freewill offering collected for the cost of the entertainment.








Doreen Anne Stirm, 94 years old, of Independence, Iowa, formerly of Brandon, passed away to be with our Lord and Savior on Monday, December 10, 2018.

Whether she was Doreen, Mom, or Grandma, she was everything to those who knew her.  Doreen was born on November 2, 1924, in Washington, D.C. She graduated from high school in Washington, D.C., before relocating with her mother to Santa Monica, California in 1943.  Her story is one of city girl to country girl.  Her journey to Iowa began via the US Mail as she corresponded for two years with her future husband, Ralph C. Stirm of Brandon.  Ralph, who was in the Army Air Corps, was hospitalized in Africa and through the urging of her stepfather, who met Ralph while he was a patient in the same hospital, Doreen began to correspond with Ralph as he recovered from malaria.  In 1945, Ralph was stationed in California where he finally met Doreen and it was love at first sight as the seeds of love had been planted two years earlier through their exchange of letters.

Doreen and Ralph were married in Santa Monica on February 27, 1946.  She traveled to Iowa where she left her city life behind to become the wife of an Iowa farmer.  It wasn’t easy, but Doreen made the transition to Iowa farm life while raising three children.  Ralph and Doreen retired from active farm life and moved to Independence in 2000.  Following Ralph’s death in 2006, Doreen moved to Cardinal Court in Independence where she remained active with her weekly Bible study and enjoyed time at the Senior Center and the monthly socials with her friends.

Doreen was a very special person.  She loved to write poetry and to paint.  She published a book of poetry that she loved to give to her friends and anybody and everybody who she thought would enjoy her poems.  She never complained when most would.  She began to lose her eyesight to macular degeneration, but it never kept her from doing what she loved including crocheting scrubbers of all colors that she gave to friends and family.  She loved to chat about her childhood and her love for the Lord was constantly expressed through her love for music and the hymns she used to play when she played the organ and piano at her church.

Doreen is survived by her son, Larry (Pam) Stirm of Independence, 2 daughters, Patty (John) Forkenbrock of Ashburn, Virginia, and Angie (Roger) Reuter of Tucson, Arizona, seven grandchildren, and several great grandchildren.

Doreen was preceded in death by her parents, her husband of 60 years, and 1 granddaughter in infancy.

Funeral Services were held on Friday, December 14, 2018, at the White Funeral Home in Independence with Craig Harris officiating.  Burial in Brandon Cemetery in Brandon, Iowa


Phillip R. Copenhaver, 83 years old, of Independence, Iowa, died on Thursday, November 15, 2018, at his home.

He was born on September 1, 1935 in Buchanan County, Iowa, the son of Paul Kenneth (P.K.) and Myrtle Mildred (Motley) Copenhaver.  He graduated from high school in Stanley, Iowa, and then, earned a B.A. degree from Upper Iowa University in Fayette, Iowa, and a M.E. degree from the University of Wyoming in Laramie, Wyoming.  He served in the U.S. Army during the Korean Conflict.  On April 25, 1959, he and the former Beverly Ann Newton were married at Immaculate Conception Catholic Church in Fairbank, Iowa.  Mr. Copenhaver taught in the Business Department at the North Iowa Area Community College in Mason City, Iowa.  He retired in 1995.  In 2006, he returned to Independence and helped farm with his family.  He enjoyed being out of doors, which included hunting, trout fishing, and even mowing the grass.  His family was always important to him.


Mr. Copenhaver is survived by his wife of 59 years, Beverly, 2 sons, Alan R. (Maryann) Copenhaver of St. Louis, Missouri, and David L. Copenhaver of Frisco, Texas, and 2 grandsons, Ryan Copenhaver of Columbia, Missouri, and Michael Copenhaver of Boston, Massachusetts.

He was preceded in death by his parents, 1 brother, Paul Copenhaver, and 1 daughter-in-law, Beth Copenhaver. Local survivors include Janet and Junior Covington, Brandon.


Funeral Services were held on Friday, November 23, 2018, at the White Funeral Home in Independence with Rev. Sue Ann Raymond officiating.  Burial in Mt. Hope Cemetery at a later date.  


 Larry D. Spece, 65, of Independence, Iowa died Monday November 12, 2018, at his home in Independence, IA. 

Larry was born on January 25, 1953 in Independence, IA., the son of Vernon K. and Florence D. (Masters) Spece. He attended the Independence High School and was married to Kriss Younker on December 14, 1973. The couple later divorced in 1983. On June 4, 1988 Larry was united into marriage to Penny Lynn Mazur in Independence. He was employed with the Frost Oil Company in Jesup, IA, Jensen Transport, Independence, IA, then in 1999 he became a mechanic with Pinicion Ford (Rydell Ford) of Independence, Ia.

He was a member of the Buchanan County Wildlife Association, was instrumental in the ATV trails through Independence and in getting Archery adopted as a sport in the Independence Schools. He loved to hunt, archery, ATV’s and classis car shows.

Larry is survived by two children: Brad Spece and Laurie (Travis Butters) Spece both of Independence, IA., a step daughter Candi Curtis, Illinois, two grandchildren two step-grandchildren, and a sister; Diana (Roger) Bagg, Rowley, IA. Also surviving is his first wife Kriss (Steve) McGraw, Independence, IA.  Local survivors include his aunt Dolores Novak, cousins, Denise Lehman and Dawn Phillips.  He was preceded in death by his parents, his wife Penny Spece, a brother Craig Spece, and a step grandson.

Funeral services were held at 11 AM Thursday, November 15, 2018 in the Reiff Family Center, Independence.


Della Darlene (Forrester) Rogers, age 83, of Brandon, passed away Sunday, December 9, 2018 at the Dennis and Donna Oldorf Hospice House in Hiawatha.

“Darlene” was born on November 17, 1935 in High Amana to Clarence Jack and Della (Ginter) Forrester.  On May 24, 1952 she was united in marriage to Virgil Rogers at the Little Brown Church in Nashua.


She enjoyed camping and spending time with her grandchildren.


Survivors include her husband Virgil; three sons, Dale (Sandy) Rogers of Brandon, Dean (Cathy) Rogers of Oelwein, Dave (Diane) Rogers of Elk Run Heights; her daughter, Darla (Rick) Rose of Postville; nine grandchildren; twenty great grandchildren; and her sister Gerry Quentin of Rockford, IL

Darlene was preceded in death by her parents; grandson Joshua and her brother Leroy Forrester.


A memorial service will be held at a later date.


Carol A. Mathews, 81, of Monticello, Iowa, formerly of Cedar Rapids, died Sunday, November 18, 2018, surrounded by her husband Loren Dale and children, Ann and Chad.  The family will hold a celebration at a later date.   Carol’s remains will be at the Iowa Veteran’s Memorial Cemetery in Adel, Iowa.  She is loved and will be missed.  Survivors include her husband, children and several nieces, nephews, in-laws.  Local survivors include Sharon Koopman, sister in law, Gale (Bonnie) Mathews, brother and sister in law, Randy (Jen) Lehman and Doug (Denise) Lehman







Delbert W. Koopman, 85 of Vinton died Wednesday, October 31, 2018 at the Virginia Gay Nursing and Rehab Center in Vinton.   Funeral Services were held at 10 AM, Monday, November 5, 2018 at St. John Lutheran Church in Newhall with Rev. Steve Rempfer officiating.  Interment will be in St. John Lutheran Church Cemetery near Newhall. 

Delbert was born February 15, 1933 on the family farm near Newhall to Alfred and Viola (Werning) Koopman.  He graduated from Newhall High School in 1950.  He was united in marriage to Yvonne Fletcher on August 23, 1953.  They were blessed with four children, Yvonne preceded Delbert in death on May 5, 2000.  Delbert was later united in marriage to Sharon Lehman on April 26, 2003. 

Delbert was “A GUY” who worked at Quaker Oats.  He farmed in Benton County and later built many utility buildings in the area. 

Delbert is survived by his wife, Sharon Koopman; his children, Terry (Patti) Koopman, Rochelle (Mike) Melsha and Holly (Rick Flickinger) Cashman; his daughter-in-law, Tami (Tim) Rathje; ten grandchildren; twelve great grandchildren and three great great grandchildren; his step-children, Randy and Jenny Lehman, Rick and Karen Lehman and Doug and Denise Lehman; ten step-grandchildren; thirteen step-great grandchildren;  his brother, Charles (Mary) Koopman; his sisters, Janice (Russell) Knipp and Marilyn (Jerry) Johnson; his brothers-in-law, Fred Fletcher, Marvin Lindsey and Donald Haefner; his sister-in-law, Connie Richards. 

Delbert was preceded in death by his parents; first wife, Yvonne; his son, Tracey; his sister, Karolyn and his brother, Marlin.


Charles L. “Chuck” Smith, 86, Brandon, died Thursday, October 25, 2018, at Windsor Manor in Vinton following a courageous battle with Alzheimer’s disease.

Mass of Christian Burial was held 10:30 a.m. Monday, October 29, 2018, at St. Mary Catholic Church in Urbana with Father Jim Brokman as Celebrant. Interment will be in the Urbana Cemetery.

Chuck was born May 26, 1932, in Walker, Iowa, the son of Alfred and Nellie Beyer Smith. He was a 1950 graduate of Urbana High School.

On July 23, 1954, Chuck was united in marriage with Valeria Boies at the Church of Christ in Brandon; she preceded him in death on May 14, 1967. On November 11, 1967, Chuck was united in marriage with Karol Schoeberl at St. John’s Catholic Church in Independence, Iowa. 

Chuck was self-employed as a farmer for 50 years, retiring in 1995.

Chuck was a member of St. Mary Catholic Church in Urbana and Knights of Columbus. He enjoyed traveling, wintering in Texas for 20 years, shooting pool, playing cards, riding his golf cart and cheering on the Chicago Cubs. Above all, Chuck loved spending time with his family.

Chuck is survived by his wife of 50 years, Karol, of Brandon; two sons: Chuck (Alyson) Smith of Urbana; and Tony (Michelle) Smith of Sanford, FL; three daughters: Deb (Ric) Corkery of Independence; Susan (Tim) Schminke of Marion; and Mary Beth (John) Lindaman of Brandon; 17 grandchildren; 21 great-grandchildren; brother-in-law Jerry (Grace) Schoeberl of Pulaski, TN; and three sisters-in-law: Leanna Mraz of Winnebago; Sharon Schoeberl of Marion; and Charlene Cumberson of Elkader.
He was preceded in death by his parents; his first wife, Valeria; one daughter, Lori Ann Smith Simon; one brother, Albert Smith; sister and brother-in-law, Esther and Howard Sand; and one great-granddaughter, Kenadie Sloan.



Ronald C. Nollen, 76 years old, of rural Independence, Iowa, died on Thursday, October 18, 2018, at the Buchanan County Health Center in Independence.  He was born on March 7, 1942, in Harlan, Iowa, the son of Christopher Valentine and Beulah (Peerman) Nollen.  On February 14, 1958, he and the former Carolyn Lee Diaz were married in Harlan.  They later divorced.  On January 21, 1984, he and the former Paula Kay Hoch were married in Waterloo, Iowa.  She preceded him in death in 2007.  Mr. Nollen was a mechanic at the John Deere Co. in Waterloo until he retired in 1998.  He was a member of the Masonic Lodge and the U.A.W. Local 838 in Waterloo.  Mr. Nollen was a tinkerer.  He was always busy working on a project.  He enjoyed riding his motorcycle, fishing, camping, and woodworking.

Mr. Nollen is survived by 1 daughter, Shelley (Joe) Pettit of Brandon, Iowa, 2 sons, Ron (Deb) Nollen, Jr., of Hartland, Wisconsin, and Brian (Stacia Lumbus) Nollen of Oelwein, Iowa, 3 grandchildren, 7 great grandchildren, and 1 sister, Marie Greiner of Harlan, Iowa.

In addition to his wife, he was preceded in death by his parents, 1 son, Jerry Nollen, 1 daughter, Pamela Nollen (in infancy), 5 brothers, and 1 sister.

Funeral Services were held at 11 a.m. on Tuesday, October 23, 2018, at the White Funeral Home in Independence, Iowa, with Rev. Dr. Sarah Rohret officiating.  Burial in Hazleton Cemetery in Hazleton, Iowa.  


Michael John Burger, 53 years old of Jesup, IA, died Friday, October 12, 2018, at his home from cancer. Services were held on Wednesday, October 17, 2018, at the White Funeral Home, Jesup, IA. 


Michael was born November 24, 1964, in Waterloo, IA, the son of Donald Henry Burger and Louise Rose (Crogveek) Burger.  He attended Don Bosco High School in Gilbertville.  In 1993, he was united in marriage to Cheryl Pentecost on the Burger family farm south of Jesup.  They later divorced.  He was later united in marriage to Mary Jean Mabb, on December 31, 1999, at the Assembly of God Church in Vinton.  Mike was a member of St. Athanasius Catholic Church, Jesup.  He had worked for Hershberger Tiling and later R & R Tiling in Jesup before a short time at Hawkeye Metal Spinning.

Michael is survived by his wife, Mary of Jesup; one daughter, Victoria Burger of Kingsman, AZ; two step daughters, Shannon (Aaron) Corkery of Fairbank, Sandra Conway of Brandon; 6 step grandchildren; his parents, Donald & Louise Burger of Jesup; one sister, Karen (Andrew) VanderStoep of Hollandale, MN; and one brother, Mark Burger of Jesup.

He was preceded in death by his grandparents.














Erwin W. Maas, 88, of Gladbrook, died Tuesday, Nov. 6, at Covenant Medical Center in Waterloo.

He was born June 2, 1930, to Carl W. and Erna L. (Engel) Maas in Brandon. On May 25, 1953, he married JoAnn Staker in Spring Valley, Minn.

Erwin graduated from Brandon High School. He worked as a farm service manager at several local agricultural companies.

He was a member of Peace United Church of Christ and the Lions Club.

Survived by: his wife; two children, Vicki Maas of Arvada, Colo., and James (Niki) Maas of Waterloo; seven grandchildren, Shane Arp of Polk City, Marisa (Rick) Milks of Jesup, Jill (Randy) Miller of Adair, Jaime (Lindsey) Sieck of Littleton, Colo., Patrick (Suzanne) Maas of Ankeny, Nicholas (Sydney) Maas of Waterloo and Jonathan (Megan Harn) Maas of Cedar Falls; and 15 great-grandchildren.

Preceded in death by: his siblings, Henry, Wilbert, Janice and Delmer Mehlert; and two children, Patricia Arp and Kristie Maas.

Services were held at 11 a.m. Saturday, Nov. 10, at Peace United Church of Christ, with burial in Maple Hill Cemetery, both in Gladbrook.


Toby A. Morrow, 57,  of Anamosa, formally of Brandon, passed on Nov. 8, 2018. He was born in Iowa City, Dec. 23, 1960, to Allen and Judy Untiedt Morrow. He graduated from BCL high school in 1979, University of Iowa in 1982 with both a bachelor's in anthropology and a minor in geology. In 1984, he graduated with Master's in anthropology from the University of Iowa. He went on to pursue his Ph.D. in anthropology at University of Wisconsin at Madison and completed coursework in 1990. He was the author of a library of publications including two books: "Projectile Points of Iowa" and "Stone Tools of Minnesota." Toby's passion for archaeology stemmed from his childhood when developed a love for collecting items he found in the fields. He was a highly regarded and well-respected archaeologist, known for his flint knapping skills, writing abilities and overall knowledge of the field. He spent the last decade working at Wapsi Valley Archaeology Inc. in Anamosa, with a group of individuals very close to his heart. He is survived by his parents in Branson West, Mo., his daughter, Jill Morrow in New York City; and his two brothers, Andy Morrow in Florida and Chris Morrow in Colorado. Toby's family is planning a Celebration of his Life that will be held in the spring of 2019 in Beaman, Iowa.


Robert Dean “Bob” Lutz, 86, went home to be with his Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, on Tuesday, December 4, 2018.
Funeral services were held 10:30 a.m. Friday, December 7, 2018, at Blessed Hope Church in Vinton with Rev. Matt Hantz officiating. Interment will be in Evergreen Cemetery, Vinton. Military rites will be performed by Vinton’s American Legion Post 57 and Iowa Military Funeral Honors.
Bob was born March 29, 1932, on a farm between Garrison and Keystone, the son of Edward and Mary Vogeler Lutz. He was a 1950 graduate of Lincoln High School in Vinton.
Bob proudly served his country in the United States Army during the Korean War and was a member of Geo. G. Luckey American Legion Post 57 in Vinton.
On May 24, 1958, Bob was united in marriage with Carol Franklin at the Vinton Presbyterian Church.
Bob farmed in the Brandon area and also worked for the Cedar Valley Times in Vinton.
The church was important to Bob and his family, and he served as a Deacon before becoming a charter member of Blessed Hope Church. In his spare time, he enjoyed antiques, puttering outdoors and being helpful to others.
Bob is survived by his wife of 60 years, Carol, of Vinton; son Ron (Deb) Lutz of Vinton and daughter Lisa Lutz of Brandon; a brother, Clarence A. Lutz of Lookout Mountain, GA; a sister, Elberta LeVine of Germantown, WI; one grandchild, Mikah Robert Lutz, and one step-grandchild, Tanner Speidel.
He was preceded in death by his parents; brothers Marion and Merlin Lutz; and sisters Phyllis Harrison and Dorothy Schulte.
Memorials may be directed to Blessed Hope Church or the Vinton American Legion Post 57.


The Mobile food pantry is returning to Brandon.  It will be held the 4th Saturday of the each Month at the Jefferson Township Hall in Brandon. Mobile food pantry is open to families in NE Iowa who have a need to supplement their grocery budget.  No cost is involved but you need to supply your name, address and household size. (Information gathered is used to keep tally of the number served in the communities and in the event of any recall on food items)  They do need assistance unloading food for distribution at 8:45 am. The distribution of food is from 9:30 to 10:30 pm.  In December 35 households consisting of 67 adults and 29 children benefitted from the resources of the Mobile Food Pantry. Thank you to those individuals that come to help unload groceries and assist with carrying out patrons boxes of food. 



City Council meeting are held the second Monday of every month at 5:30 p.m. 2019 does brings some changes to the City council in Brandon.  

Mayor- Guy Stacy

Brandon City Council Members:

Kelly Thomas                                                Patrick Lehman                    Karol Smith

Mike Brown                                                   Brian “Buddy” Thomas




Our family would like to thank each and every one of you that attended our 7th annual Thanksgiving meal on Thanksgiving day.  We are blessed to have you join us.  We are amaze each year at the outpouring generosity of our community. Because of your generosity we were able to help in the restocking of our local food pantry.  The monetary donations benefit those families within our community needing extra help.


Thank you to those that donated food to the meal itself, so much to choose from- from homemade rolls, to salads, to desserts, pies, ice cream and also ham and turkeys. 


Thank you to our friends that helped in the kitchen, we served nearly 70 attendees, you being there sure took the stress away from us.


Craig, Judy, Jordy and Ronnie Albert

Jackie, Shawn, and Gretchen and Kaydence Aberle



Thank you to Cindy Clark for delivering the Brandon Bee door to door each month! I call her each time to see if she is willing to do it again and she always response with “sure!”  I know how busy she is with working full time and running a business.  I really appreciate her assistance!! Thank You CINDY!



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